Board of Directors


The Company is managed by a Board of Directors, chaired by Pierre Danon, which determines the business strategy of Solocal and supervises its execution by the management team. Without prejudice to the powers expressly reserved by law to the Shareholders’ General Meetings and within the scope of Solocal's corporate purpose, the Board of Directors may address any concern that may have an impact on the Company’s business activity and decide any matters within its remit. It also expresses its opinion on all major decisions in relation to the Company’s strategy, business development, human resources, finance and technology.


Corporate Governance

Solocal Group embraces the principles of corporate governance of listed companies set out in the AFEP-MEDEF Corporate Governance Code.

On November 5, 2014, the Board of Directors decided to separate the functions of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer in order to comply with the "best practice" in corporate governance. The Board of Directors chose, during the change in governance that took place in 2017, to maintain this separation of functions. This choice of governance is explained in particular by the Company's desire to make a clear distinction between, on the one hand, the strategic orientation and control functions which are the responsibility of the Board of Directors, and, on the other hand, the operational and executive functions which fall under the competence of the Chief Executive Officer. This form of governance also allows the Group to benefit from the complementary experiences and skills of the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In a financial restructuring context of the Company and due to the departure of Mr. Eric Boustouller from his functions of Chief Executive Officer, the Board of Directors decided on August 28, 2020 to temporarily combine  the functions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company Solocal Group and to appoint Mr. Pierre Danon as Chairman and CEO as of October 5, 2020, so that the company can benefit from its skills and expertise during the transitional period of seeking a new CEO.

Following a selection process launched and managed by the Compensation and Nominations Committee, the Board of Directors of Solocal decided on January 8, 2021 to appoint Hervé Milcent Chief Executive Officer of Solocal as of April 6, 2021. On that date, Solocal will regain separate governance, with Pierre Danon again becoming Chairman of the Board of Directors.

9 Board members + 1 non-voting member, including an employee representative, 1 non-independant Board member (CEO), 2 shareholders Board members
and 5 independant Board members
A renewal
of the Board of Directors
since the General Meeting
of November 27th, 2020.
with high experience
and expertise
in the digital sector. 
and complementary skills. 
24 Board meetings in 2020
with an average
participation rate of 97%
The main activities
of the Board have been :
evolution of the governance,
restructuring monitoring,
results and business evaluation,
new strategy and ESG. 
50% women

Structure & gouvernance

Pierre Danon, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Civil engineer trained at Ponts et Chaussées, a law graduate of the Institut supérieur des affaires, has held senior management and board positions in several companies, including as President of Xerox Europe, CEO of British Telecom Retail, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of NumericableCompletel, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of TDC in Copenhagen (2008-2018) and Vice-Chairman of Agrogénération in Paris (2013-2019). He has served as Executive Chairman of Volia, in Kiev, since 2011 and has been Director of the CIEL Group and Chairman of ProContact in Mauritius since 2013. 

Pierre Danon is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive CEO for a transistional period from October 5, 2020 to April 5, 2021. 

David Amar, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr David Amar, 36 years old, has joined the Family Office Amar in 2009 and has taken over its management in 2013. He is specialised in long term investment in listed companies, in wine properties and wine-trading companies, in hotel property management and property development. He is also a Director of the investment fund Matignon Investissement et Gestion (Private Equity). From 2006 to 2009, he was in charge of wealth management in various major Swiss banking institutions. He received an MBA in Geneva in 2006.

Delphine Grison, independant Board member

Ms. Delphine Grison, is Chairman of DGTL Conseil, a company through which she carries out advisory missions. Delphine Grison is also a director and member of the audit committee of ADL performance. She was Marketing and Data Intelligence Director of CBRE France between 2015 and 2020, after having worked for more than 10 years in the media, with successively finance, strategy, marketing and digital functions. She notably managed the digital activities of Lagardère Active Digital until 2013 as Chairman of Lagardère Active Digital and member of the Management Board of Lagardère Active. She was also administrator of Asmodée between 2014 and 2018. Delphine Grison is a former student of ENS (1987), doctor in quantum physics (1992) and engineer of Ponts et Chaussées (1994).

Anne-France Laclide, independant Board member

Anne France Laclide-Drouin currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and member of the Executive Committee of the Consolis group since November 2017. Before that, she was Administrative and Financial Director (CFO) of the Idemia group (formerly Oberthur Technologies) and of various companies such as Elis, GrandVision, AS Watson (Marionnaud) and Guilbert. She started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She sits as an independent director on the Board of Directors of CGG (a global geosciences group that works on behalf of the energy industry - turnover of 1.193 billion). She is Chairman of the Audit Committee of the same company. She held the same positions, independent director on the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit Committee, within SFR. Anne France Laclide-Drouin supports the Clubhouse Association, a non-profit association that supports people with mental disorders and helps them integrate into society.

Marie-Christine Levet, independant Board member

Graduated from HEC in 1988 and from INSEAD in 1994, Marie-Christine Levet managed several major brands of the French Internet. In 1997, she founded Lycos. Then, from 2001 to 2007, she ran Club-Internet, a provider of Internet access, which she sold to Neuf Telecom / SFR. In 2008, she became General Manager of the Tests Group, a hi-tech information group, as well as Internet activities of the NextRadioTV group. With her entrepreneurial experience, Marie-Christine turned to venture capital in 2010 to bring her experience to young entrepreneurs. She participated in the creation of Jaina Capital, one of the first investment funds specializing in early stage financing in France, where she invested in companies like,, devialet, La ruche qui dit oui. In October 2017, Marie-Christine Levet creates Educapital, the leading European private equity fund dedicated to the Education, Training and Digital Transition sectors. She is also board member of Iliad, Econocom, Maisons du Monde and AFP, and was formerly a Director of the Google Fund for Media Innovation (FINP) from 2013 to 2016.

Catherine Robaglia, employee representative

Catherine Robaglia is a graduate engineer from IMAC. She first worked at Bossard Gemini Consulting as a consultant in organization and information systems for 7 years. In 1999, she joined the IT department of  PagesJaunes and took an active part in the information system renovation projects. In 2004, she joined the new DOSQ (Department of Organization, Strategy and Quality) as Head of the Organization and thus accompanied the transformation projects [following the IPO and the Group’ s change of shareholding] and in particular the implementation of processes. In 2008, she was appointed Head of Internal Audit, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Audit Committee. She was also appointed Head of Internal Audit, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Audit Committee, where she audited all of the Company’s subsidiaries and major processes on behalf of the Board of Directors. Catherine currently serves as Project Director within the Customer Operations Department, and together with her teams, she manages the operationalization of the VSE/SME and key account offers in the areas of Delivery (Production) and Customer Relationship Management.

Sophie Sursock, independant Board member

Sophie Sursock is Co-founder and Partner at Move Capital, an investment company specializing in the Tech BtoB sector. She is also the Co-founder and Shareholder of Accelero Capital, an investment and management group focused on TMT (Telecommunications, Media, Technologies) sector. She has has executed various transactions in the technology and media sector. In particular, she has been involved in the restructuring of Seat Pagine Gialle S.p.A and serves on the Board of Directors of Euronews, Supernap International and Subfero Limited. Previously, she was a Corporate Finance Manager at Orascom Telecom Holding SAE / Weather Investments from 2007 to 2011. She also worked in the M&A Operations Department of the corporate finance department of Deloitte in Paris from 2005 to 2007, was Junior Project Manager at PrimeCorp Finance SA and Junior Investment Manager at Axa Investment. Mrs. Sophie Sursock has a Bachelor in Business Administration,  and a MSc in International Business from ESCP-EAP Paris Business School and a Certificate in the Management of Technology.

David Eckert, Board Member

David Eckert has led many companies in various sectos. He is currently Chairman and CEO of Yellow Pages Limited (Canada). Previousy, he was Chairman and Director of the Hibu Group and has served on the Board of Directors of X-Rite, Inc. of Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc., of Clean Harbors, Inc. of Italiaonline SpA and by Yellow Pages Limited (Canada). In the early 1980s, David was a Vice President and Partner at Bain & Company. During his career, he has served and chaired on the Boards of directors of many companies He is an economics and engineering graduate of Northwestern University and earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Paul Russo, Board Member

Paul Russo has been a Board member of Yellow Pages (Canada) since 2017, where he chairs the Human Resources and Compensation Committee and member of the Audit Committee.  Paul Russo previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Color Nurseries and as Executive Vice-President of Business Devlopment of the Hibu Goup. Paul began his post-MBA career as a Partner at Bain and Company, where he specialized in helping large US, Canadian, and European companies improve their competitive position and financial results. He received a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from The Harvard Business School. Prior to graduate school, he began his career at Arthur Young and Company and achieved CPA certification.

Audit Committee

  • Jacques-Henri David (Président)
  • Sophie Sursock
  • Anne-France Laclide

  • David Amar
  • Joëlle Obadia
Strategy and M&A Committee

  • David Amar (Président)
  • Delphine Grison
  • Sophie Sursock
  • Marie-Christine Levet
Hervé Milcent
Chief Executive Officer
Hervé Milcent
Chief Executive Officer
With a master degree in Business Law, Hervé Milcent began his career with the newly created Chronopost in the "operations" teams. He quickly became Director of Operations at Dynapost and then at Médiapost, where he launched and developed geomarketing and targeted distribution solutions, thus acquiring a great mastery of local communication issues. In 1998, Hervé Milcent joined the Arvato Group (Bertelsmann Group) as Managing Director in charge of operations for the Direct Marketing division, which became the French leader under his leadership. On the strength of this success, driven by the rich portfolio of services launched in France, including subscriptions, Hervé Milcent extended his responsibilities to Southern Europe, before being promoted to the Group's Executive Committee to steer the deployment of the "Group CRM Global" solution. In 2014, after more than 16 years within the Arvato Group dedicated to the development and deployment of enterprise services, Hervé Milcent is appointed CEO of the Lyreco Group. He will implement a category-based marketing strategy, reposition the Group's offering to accelerate growth and lead the overhaul of the technical and IT infrastructures essential to the company's "Phygital" transformation. In 2020, he joined the Teleperformance Group as Managing Director for France, Italy and Germany.
Eric Klipfel
Deputy CEO
Eric Klipfel
Deputy CEO
Eric KLIPFEL has a master's degree from the Fachhochschule Stuttgart. As a renowned Sales Management and Customer Relationship professional, Eric Klipfel has 20 years’ experience in taking up customer transformation and sales challenges in highly competitive B2C and B2B contexts, marked by regulatory and structural changes and changes in the economic climate (digitalisation of sales and customer relationship channels, competition, cost compliance). Whether in the telecom sector in 2000 as Executive Managing Director at SFR Numericable for 8 years or since 2018 with the global customer relationship leader Teleperformance Knowledge Services, he has successfully carried through numerous customer relationship projects (complaint reductions, anti-churn programmes, increase in customer bases) and is an expert in analytical/predictive models as applied to sales and customer issues (cross-sell, speech analytics, improved customer journeys, customer feedback management). On 9th July 2020, Eric Klipfel joined Solocal as Deputy Managing Director in charge of sales activities and customer operations. He took over the reins of the Key Accounts, VSE / SME Field, Telesales, Customer Success and Pilotage sales departments; and also the Customer Operations department.
Amaury Lelong
Chief Product and Media Officer
Amaury Lelong
Chief Product and Media Officer
A graduate of HEC and London Business School in 1999, Amaury Lelong began his career by taking part in setting up the Nextedia e-marketing agency (formerly Come&Stay). He then worked as a consultant at AT Kearney and Boston Consulting Group, before joining Canal + where he held several operational management positions, with strong marketing and digital issues. In 2012, Amaury Lelong joined Solocal Group, as Marketing Director of the Key Accounts and Digital Marketing division. In the years that follow, he will be an architect of the Group's transformation by developing a whole series of products from the main advertising platforms on the market (Google, Bing, Facebook, programmatic) and by initiating his switch to a subscription business model. Amaury is now Marketing, Products and Media Director, a position which concentrates all of the company's product responsibility and manages the entire range of digital products of the Group, its go-to-market (Internet sites, Connect and Booster) as well as the internal media PagesJaunes and Ooreka
Olivier Regnard
Chief Financial Officer
Olivier Regnard
Chief Financial Officer
Olivier Regnard, aged 42, joins Solocal as CFO. He will be in charge of Finance, Purchasing and Real Estate and will also head up Investor Relations. Before joining Solocal and after gaining experience with Mauna Kea Technologies (a MedTech company listed on Euronext), he had since the first quarter of 2018 been CFO of Europe Snacks (an agri-food company with annual revenues of €350 million, employing 2,100 people) where he played a noteworthy part in the company's external expansion. Between 2013 and 2017, Olivier Regnard was Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer of Latécoère (a first tier aeronautical contractor listed on Euronext, with annual revenues of €660 million and employing 5,000 people). He was in charge of the Financial, Legal and Purchasing departments. During this time, he made a considerable contribution to Latécoère's transformation plan. Prior to this experience, Olivier Regnard spent almost 15 years with Deloitte, in Auditing and Financial Advisory Services. During this period he had the opportunity to work in highly diverse business activities and environments in France and abroad. Olivier Regnard is a certified accountant and graduate of ESSEC.
Nathalie Etzenbach-Huguenin
General Secretary
Nathalie Etzenbach-Huguenin
General Secretary
Graduated from ESCP Europe in 1994, Nathalie spent more than 12 years working for international investment banks from Paris, London and Rome (Credit Suisse, Citi, Schroders, Société Générale), throughout Europe, in M&A and debt and equity issuance. In particular, she has carried out numerous transactions in the technology sector. She joined Solocal in January 2018 and is currently General Secretary of the group. She is responsible for the Strategy, Partnerships and M&A Department, the Legal Department and the Institutional Relations - CSR - Ethics - Risks Department. She is also responsible for overseeing the company's transformation project, managing specific files for General Management as well as governance. In her very multidisciplinary role, Nathalie highlights her experience and her commitment to public life: she was Deputy Mayor in charge of the budget, finances and public procurement of the city of Neuilly-sur-Seine until March. 2020. She has been Solocal's General Secretary since May 6, 2019 and has been responsible for the Group's communications since July 2020.
Arnaud Defrenne
Chief Technology Officer
Arnaud Defrenne
Chief Technology Officer
Arnaud is a graduate of the ESA. He began his career in 1997 by jointly developing the first French search engine (Nomade), and then becoming the Technical Director for all of the Liberty Serve Group’s Internet services between 1997 and 2001. In 2001, he joined the Netbooster network of independent agencies. In 2004, Arnaud founded a price-comparison and shopping search-engine, which used an innovative research technology, and was taken over by in 2005. Then he joined Publicis and developed the Group’s technology offerings such as “Digitas Content and Commerce” and “Digitas Cloud”. In 2015, he joined the L’Oréal Group as Chief Digital Marketing Technology Officer (CDMTO), in order to drive the Group’s transition to digital technology, and expand its digital activities and income. Arnaud Defrenne is Chief Technology Officer of SoLocal Group since April 25, 2018.
Richard Cuif
Chief HR Officer
Richard Cuif
Chief HR Officer
Richard Cuif started his Human Resources career at Rank Xerox, Disney then Kraft Foods (Mondelez) before joining the PepsiCo group where he was appointed as Chief of Human Resources France in 1997. In this position, he went to the merge of Food Beverage activities. Then, he joined Schweppes France and as HR Director, participated in the acquisition of Orangina and the creation of Orangina Schweppes by managing the merger of the 2 companies, at the end of which he was promoted as Chief of Human Resources Europe of the group drinks activity. From 2005 to 2008, he held the position of HRD for Microsoft France. In 2008, he joined the executive committee of the Devanlay-Lacoste Group where he held the position of General Manager of Human Resources, Internal Communication and CSR. For 7 years, he created and developed the HR function at the international level for the group and is one of the key players in the group's transformation and growth project. From 2016 to 2017, Richard Cuif worked in consulting, before joining SoLocal Group in November 2017, French leader in digital solutions for companies, as Chief of Human Resources and Internal Communication.

Solocal is a listed holding company. 
Its operational activities are managed by subsidiaries in two countries: France and Austria.

Group structure as at December,31st 2020

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