General meetings

Each year, Solocal Group makes every effort to ensure that its General Meeting is a unique moment of exchange and information. In favor of shareholder democracy, SoLocal Group encourages the participation of the largest number of its shareholders.


Latest General Meetings

  • 03rd June 2021 - Combined General Meeting

Click here to access all documents related to the 03rd June 2021 Combined General Meeting  :


  • 27th November 2020 - Combined General Meeting

Click here to access all documents related to the 27th November 2020 Combined General Meeting  :


  • 24th July 2020 - Combined General Meeting 

Click here to access all documents related to the 24th July 2020 Combined General Meeting  :




An Ordinary Annual General Meeting is held once a year within six months of the end of the fiscal year. Its purpose is to inform shareholders about the Group’s activity and results, approve the financial statements and the dividend amount, appoint or reappoint members of the Board of Directors and the Statutory Auditors and, lastly, authorize any of the company’s day-to-day management operations. Resolutions presented at an Ordinary Annual General Meeting are adopted by a simple majority of shareholders present or represented.

An Extraordinary Annual General Meeting is convened when the company wishes to submit for shareholder approval a change in the articles of association or a transaction affecting the capital (increase, decrease, merger, etc.). The resolutions can only be adopted by a majority of two-thirds of the capital present or represented.

The Group generally convenes a combined Annual General Meeting (an Ordinary and an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting convened on the same date by a single notice). Whether the quorum and majority conditions of the Ordinary Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary Annual General Meeting apply depends on the resolution.



As soon as you own one share, you will receive your invitation to the Annual General Meeting either in paper or by internet, if you have chosen the electronic invitation. It presents the resolutions to guide you in your voting decision.
Voting enables you to play a part in decisions that are important to the Group.

There are three ways to cast your vote.

Before the General Meeting :
By post
By completing and sending in your voting form received along with the invitation to the Annual General Meeting.

The vote is a simple and secure solution for registered and bearer shareholders in France and overseas alike.
You can access online all the documentation relating to your vote (invitation to the Annual General Meeting, Reference Document, etc.), vote on the resolutions, appoint the Chairman or a third party as your proxy, or apply for an admission card to the Annual General Meeting.

During the event

Vote during the meeting using your electronic voting device.


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