Become a shareholder

Be pure registered shareholder

In pure registered form, your shares are registered in your own name in an account directly held by our centralizing bank, BNP Paribas Securities services, and you benefit from:
• free management of your securities account by BNP Paribas Securities Services without custodian fees

• brokerage fees reduced to only 0.30% (before taxes) of the amount of the transactions, with minimum required of 7,60 €

• double voting rights after two years of holding securities

• the expertise of our centralizing bank, in all areas of securities management

• Online tracking of your accounts on the Planetshares platform

Be administered registered shareholder

In the administered registered form, the management of your securities portfolio is borne by your bank, whether it is an Share Savings Plan (Plan d’Epargne en Actions) or a securities account. You also benefit from the assets of the nominative.

Concretely :
• your financial intermediary remains your usual contact (for example your bank) for all your current portfolio transactions

• you have the double voting right after two years of holding the securities

It is up to you to initiate the process of registering your shares in administered registered form.

Be bearer shareholder

As a bearer shareholder, your securities are registered with a financial intermediary (bank, broker, etc.). The latter remains your single point of contact for all transactions related to your portfolio.

You benefit from:
• the allocation of bonus shares

• the convening of the General Meeting as soon as one share is held

Convert its shares to registered shares

You hold SoLocal Group bearer shares and wish to convert your shares to pure registered shares?

Simply complete the conversion form below and return it to your securities account holder who will make the necessary arrangements for the services of BNP Paribas Securities Services.

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