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Our mission

Solocal is the local, trusted, digital partner of all companies wishing to accelerate their growth.

Solocal capitalizes on six strategic assets: very high visibility media, powerful data geolocation, scalable technologic platforms, nationwide commercial coverage in France, privileged partnerships with Big Tech*, and countless talents (experts in data, development, digital marketing, etc.).

Its integrated offer lets every company expand its activities and accelerate its growth: most notably, its product offering lets companies build and develop their brand image and digital relationships, create customer loyalty, find new customers, and lets them manage and enhance customer relations. It offers optimal digital presence both on our medias (PagesJaunes and Mappy) and on our partners’ platforms, including Big Tech paltforms.

Digital growth is at the heart of company development, especially for the four million SMEs in France. However, half of these businesses still lack an online presence. Solocal is committed to providing them with a large range of digital products and services, which fit their needs and their own clients’ need. We are also committed to offering a long-term support service through our extensive national network of in-field advisers and digital coaches, available online or over the phone.


(* Big Tech: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft/Bing).​​​​​

Corporate Social Responsibility

Solocal’s CSR strategy, created in 2013, is structured around 3 pillars.

Solocal signed on to the Charter on personal data protection, covering users of its websites and online services, the Charter on targeted advertisement and internet user protection, and the Charter for the promotion and authentication of the Internet.

If you have any question on Solocal's CSR commitments, please reach out to :

Building together an inspiring
and fulfilling digital group for all
Protecting the environment
while managing our activity
Supporting local business
in a sustainable way

Strategic partnerships with large players in the digital space

Solocal is a preferred partner of large players in the digital space, and of the most powerful online platforms in the world

Web audience partnerships

As the author of local content, Solocal has developed viewership partnerships with Microsoft/Bing, Apple and Yahoo!

Supply partnerships

Solocal has local advertising agreements with Google, Microsoft/Bing, and Facebook to co-develop and sell solutions built upon their advertising formats and inventory, while meeting the needs of SMEs

Booster Site and Booster Contact, available to our clients since 2013, rely on Google Adwords.

Solocal is a Bing Elite Channel Partner: Booster Site and Booster Contact, available to our clients since 2013, relies on Bing Ads.

Solocal has been a partner of Facebook since 2016, with a specific Social product offering: Social Tract, Social Clic, Social Networks.


Solocal holds partnerships with over twenty Publishers: 118, Uber, Here, Twitter, Petit Futé, Flickr, LinkedIn, Tom Tom, Waze, Instagram, Google, Facebook, Navmii…

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Duda and Lemonway

Transactional partnerships

In different industries: Health, Food, Housing, Automobiles and Motorcycles…

Technology Partnerships

Solocal chooses agile and flexible technologies


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