Press release | 11 July

Solocal reinforces its sales management team to accelerate its growth on the digital advertising market

Christophe Parcot, Chief Revenue Officer and member of SoLocal Executive Committee, states:

"Isabelle Décamp, Large Network Account Director, Olivier Lemoine, Telesales Director, Philippe Nodon, SMs Field Director and Martin Sauer, E-Commerce Director, will help gain new commercial momentum and make it possible for us to make SoLocal’s promise come true: being the trustworthy local digital partner for all businesses in France. This will be possible thanks to their recognised expertise, their strong leadership and their deep customer-oriented culture. In the framework of the SoLocal 2020 plan, we are currently drastically changing the experience offered to our 460,000 customers with new full-web offerings: digital presence, digital advertising, websites, digital solutions and digital to print, available on a subscription basis and expanded with new digital services to foster their growth. Thanks to those four sales channel directors, experienced in the digital sphere and in transformation process, the Sales Direction will also leverage on the reinvention of the PagesJaunes and Mappy media as well as on the reinforcement of our partnerships with GAFAM. Those alliances will allow our customers to access performing solutions. Beyond our customer base of 500,000 companies and professionals, we plan to support the growth of 4 million companies in France."

Isabelle Décamp, Large Account Director – Arrival: September, 18th 2018
Isabelle Décamp will be responsible for the revenue growth of SoLocal large network account Department. She will be in charge of a team 200 of people.

Isabelle Décamp started her career in 1989 at NRJ, where she had been holding various management posts: Director of Carat’s development for NRJ Group (1994-1998), NRJ Brand Advertising Director (1998-2004), Global Advertising Director for NRJ (2004-2007). In 2007, she joined Prisma Presse as Head of Large Accounts and is promoted Deputy Chief of Sales (2011-2012). In 2012, she joined the Com Quotidiens Advertising management team dedicated to the local daily press as Deputy General Manager (2012-2014). She took part in the creation of 366, the team who manages the whole regional daily press, and became Deputy General Manager in charge of sales.

Olivier Lemoine, Telesales Director – Arrival: July, 16th 2018
Olivier Lemoine will be responsible for the revenue growth of SoLocal Telesales Department. He will be in charge of a team of 700 people.

Olivier Lemoine started his career as Director of the Organisation and Process at France Telecom Mobile Services. He continued his career in different companies: as Deputy General Manager at Team Partners CRM, Director of the International Development at GRUPPO COS in Italy. He took over the Customer Relation Department at UPC FRANCE/NOOS, a cable operator and at Club Internet, an internet provider. In 2008, he started working at Bouygues Télécom as Client Service Director and was then promoted to the Sales Management team, where he held various positions: Director of National brands, Director of Sales and Telesales. In 2015, he joined ACTICALL/SITEL, which is a provider of customer relation services; he worked there as France CEO. In 2017, he co-founded O’VIVE, a local ecological laundry network.

Philippe Nodon, SME Field Director – In office
Philippe Nodon will be responsible for the revenue growth of SoLocal SME Field Department. He will be in charge of 700 people, organised in 9 regional hubs.

Philippe Nodon started his career at PagesJaunes in 1990, where he held various strategic positions in the Group’s sales teams: Field Sale, Sales Manager, Large Account Manager, Regional Agency Director and National Field Sales Director in 2009. With the verticalisation of PagesJaunes activities in 2014, he was promoted as Sales Director in the structure dedicated to housing. He was then promoted in 2016 as Sales General Director. Since February 2018, Philippe has been in charge of the coordination of the field sales entities as part of SoLocal 2020 plan.

Martin Sauer, E-Commerce Director – Arrival: July, 16th 2018
Martin Sauer will be in charge of the revenue growth of SoLocal Sales Department. Given that the ecommerce generates less than 1% of the Group total revenues, e-commerce revenues will have to grow significantly from 2019 onwards; it is one major development focus of SoLocal 2020 plan.

Martin Sauer started his career at Manutan in 2006, where he participated in the launch and development of the start-up In 2010, he was promoted as E-Commerce Director and managed this entity, which provided almost 40% of total revenues. In 2015, he was appointed Digital Director and became a member of Manutan Executive Committee. His objectivewas to foster a strong digital culture to the 2,200 employees of the company and he developed with his teams an ecommerce platform over 17 countries, which represents today about 50% of total sales, as well as a digital lab for all stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees…).

Isabelle, Olivier, Philippe and Martin will report to Christophe Parcot, Chief Revenue Officer and Member of the Executive Committee. SoLocal Sales Management team gathers more than 2,000 employees split into 5 regional hubs in Boulogne, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux and Rennes.


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