Press release | 06 November

Solocal confirms its leadership on the online market: a new visual identity and new e-commerce site,, and a new app for all its customers and prospects

Solocal confirms its ambitions in the online sector by making its brand a strategic lever at the service of its customers, by reinventing its branding around a new logo and a new website This site clearly and simply lays out all of Solocal's offers with an entirely redesigned Customer Area built around the needs of our customers and accessible on the web, mobile phones and through a dedicated app. It thus enables all professionals to take direct control over their presence on the major digital platforms (PageJaunes, Mappy, Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.), manage reviews, measure how their online plans are performing and very shortly have the ability to order the products of their choice online.

This new momentum from Solocal marks a milestone in its history, that of a leader in local online communication able to reinvent itself to be even closer still to its customers, helping them leverage the full potential of the online phenomenon and drive their business growth.

A new online-centric identity at the service of all its customers

As the company rolls out its "Solocal 2020” corporate project, it became necessary to revisit the brand image to have it reflect the company's new ambitions and new strategic directions, a strategy aimed at further consolidating Solocal's online leadership and refocusing priorities around customers in order to accelerate our return to growth. Three key areas are at the core of this rebranding:

• Beyond the corporate dimension specific to the challenges of a publicly traded company, Solocal is now positioned as a strong B2B brand, renowned and with real meaning that reflects its positioning in the online universe;
• Solocal becomes the company's one and only trade mark. This brand now houses all the services and products offered to customers and prospects, services and products which up to now were sold under the names of its different subsidiaries (e.g. ClicRDV for making appointments on the Internet, Solocal Marketing Services for direct marketing services, etc.) and Business Units (Trade, Services, Health & Public, Housing, etc.). Consistent with the new internal organisation, the Solocal brand now bears all the promise of online services designed for VSBs/SMEs and key accounts, and reflects its role as an online advisor providing tailored support for the newly designed customer journey;
• In terms of B2C brands, the only three brands co-existing alongside Solocal are PagesJaunes, Mappy and Ooreka. They continue to embody general public services and the new user experience offered to them (more conversational, transactional, community-oriented, etc.)

Designed with Seenk, a brand and online identity consultancy agency, Solocal's brand platform, visual identity and logo place the company at the core of the codes of its online ecosystem, built around a personality that is:
Accessible, to popularise Solocal's expertise, with unstinting support;
Forthright, for frank and pragmatic advice;
Unashamed to make online services available to all through a complicit relationship regardless of the customer’s level of knowledge;
• Essential qualities to make online a real lever of growth for all companies, in a spirit of proximity and trust.

Solocal keeps its name, but removes the word "Group" as it becomes a company that brings together all its assets and moves its logo towards greater power and simplicity. Modern, sleek and dynamic, the logo has been devised based on a white and blue chromatic pallet. This choice expresses at once the willingness to emphasise its strengths - mass audience media, the power of its geolocalised data, scalable technological platforms, commercial coverage all over France, special partnerships with the GAFAM and its numerous talents (experts in the field of data, development, digital marketing, etc.) - expertise that is unique on the local online communication market and that embodies its innovation capacities.

In 2019, an advertising campaign and brand signature will round off this move to make Solocal and the benefits of its offer better known and to express its commitment to its customers.

Solocal continues to transform itself as we roll out our ‘Solocal 2020’ corporate project. Our ambition is to become an online champion in France. It had become essential to ensure our identity also evolved to embody this new momentum and share it with our customers. Because our customers are our top priority. Everything that we are putting in place is aimed at strengthening our quality of service to help customers take full advantage of the huge potential of online services in their local communication. The new brand image - accessible, forthright and unashamed -, the renewal of and the launch of the Solocal app are strong markers of a reinvented Solocal and engines to drive customer satisfaction!explained Pascale Furbeyre, Solocal Marketing Director. : connected customers, loyal customers!

At once a showcase for Solocal's reinvention and single point of entry to access all its know-how, gives priority to its customers, thus embodying the new brand promise. It makes its offer and expertise even more accessible to the 460,000 companies, VSBs/SMEs and key accounts that Solocal accompanies each day all over France. Resolutely designed as a lever for business conquest it is also aimed at prospects to show them the diversity and top performance of all Solocal's communication services., entirely based on responsive design concepts and offering an entirely rethought user journey:

• New design showcasing the new identity with easier and more ergonomic browsing for quick access to the information sought;
• New services accessible through instant immersion into the heart of the Présence, Advertising and Internet Site ranges on offer since September 2018 and which will be progressively supplemented by the New Solutions and Digital to Print ranges;
• New features and in particular e-commerce which should be accessible from the 1st quarter 2019 for customers and prospects.

In order to meet the needs of all its audiences, this same platform is also bringing together the following information:
• Corporate, to communicate on company news;
• Financial, in a spirit of sharing and transparency with shareholders and investors;
• CSR, to present the key points in our CSR strategy;
• Careers, with job offers published directly online.

Customer Area: the online assistant is within reach at all times on desktop and mobile devices and the app!

The Customer Area offers greater proximity as interactions are possible with Solocal at any time and in any place. With a modern design, intuitive browsing and enhanced functionality, it has been designed to make customers’ daily life easier.

A genuine online assistant, it enables your online plan to be managed in total independence, online and on mobile devices and features 4 sections:

Content, to publish your practical information and news on the major audience hubs (PageJaunes, Mappy, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), to update your information (photos, opening times, address, etc.) and communicate your news (e.g.: special offers, exceptional opening hours, etc.);
Statistics, to measure the effectiveness of your online plan in terms of store visits, clicks to the website, leads generated, etc.;
Reviews, to manage your online reputation through the reviews submitted to PageJaunes, Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor and respond directly and invite customers to give their opinion;
Account, to check invoices, track requests, etc.

And thanks to the new Solocal app, this Customer Area is also downloadable for free on iOS and Android. The app offers quick and easy access to all these services and features. A convenient time-saver giving you the opportunity to reply at any time to reviews left by site users, update your news on all sites in a few clicks and call back prospects who have expressed an interest in your business, etc.! At first the app focuses on Digital Presence service and will soon include all the statistics from other services marketed by Solocal, as is already the case on the Customer Area available online and on mobile devices.

Discover the new Solocal:
• To download the new elements (logo, video animation and key visuals):
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• To follow the new visual identity on social networks:, #DigitalLocal sur Twitter & Linkedin


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