Press release | 06 June

The PagesJaunes Skill now available on Amazon's Alexa voice service !

Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based voice service that adapts to the user’s voice and vocabulary. To feed Alexa's content offer, PagesJaunes has deployed its own “Skill” with access to address details, opening hours, reviews with lots more new features on the way...

At the launch, close to 1,200 activities are listed through 10,000 towns in France to form the initial content available on the PagesJaunes Skill. Rich, high quality content updated in real time to offer a unique user experience. The PagesJaunes features will be further improved over the coming weeks and months.

"The boom in voice recognition is profoundly changing the search experience and the customer relationship. What is at stake is to be able to interact in a natural way so the consumer uses a voice service or smartphone to get in touch with you. It is important to be attentive to usage, to have a reflex in place and to think fluidity and customisation.Guillaume Laporte, Marketing Director for PagesJaunes Digital.

Using Alexa is as easy as asking a question. Just ask her to play music, read the news, control your connected home or tell a joke and Alexa reacts accordingly. Both at home and in the office, Alexa is designed to simplify its owners life by enabling them to control their daily lives just with their voice.

« Hey, Alexa? »

Alexa is a Cloud-based smart voice service that is continually being improved to automatically offer new features. Users can not only use a large number of native commands such as “Alexa, read me a book”, but they can also add “Skills” by activating them in the same way they install apps on their smartphones. Alexa offers a user journey that is both fun and smooth, answering any day to day questions and, through PagesJaunes, enabling consumers to be put into contact with local professionals.

The current era is all about customising the user experience

More than ever, users today want to customise their consumer experience. They only want to receive content of direct concern to them, i.e. high quality, comprehensive but above all relevant content. They have become highly demanding in their information searches. This is why PagesJaunes updates over 100,000 pieces of data every evening, data that are then made immediately available to consumers but also to its customers.

"On the professional side, this is a new source of visibility, a source that enables professionals to be identified in a few seconds by consumers, then to be chosen by them and thus grow their turnover." said Guillaume Laporte.

The PagesJaunes Skill to bring consumers and professionals together

Skills add new features and enable users to customise their experience with Amazon Alexa. With these Skills, consumers can access the content related to their daily lives (find opening hours for a local store, find a restaurant…). To start off, the PagesJaunes Skill will focus on 1,200 activities and cover 10,000 towns in France before being extended to the whole country.

By activating the PagesJaunes Skill in the Alexa Store with their device, users are sure to have rich up-to-the-minute and reliable content and information available at all times. Time savings are estimated to be 7 fold. Efficiency and relevance!

To enable the PagesJaunes Skill​​​​​​​
To get the Amazon Alexa application, go to on your smartphone.
1-Select the PagesJaunes Skill, by accessing the Alexa Skills Store directly from the Alexa application or on
2-Enable the Skill. Click on “Enable” or ask: “Alexa, open PagesJaunes”
3-Use the Skill. To use the Skill, just ask: “Alexa, open/run PagesJaunes”

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