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Solocal supports company networks

Develop your digital presence to the local level and boost your point of sales' activity

We develop your local digital marketing, while remaining coherent with, and supplementing your national communication strategy and brand image. We develop your locations’ visibility while respecting your identity (visual identity, content), and while respecting each local specificity. Your locations will therefore enjoy tailor-made solutions to their respective concerns, while retaining your brand’s strength.

We support your network's digitalization 

Save time with the support of our specialized brand network team, helping you implement a custom local marketing strategy. Close to 2,000 clients, from a wide variety of industries, already trust us with their business. Present everywhere in France, our local network lets us digitalize and shape your brand’s network, one location at a time.

We make managing your local digital marketing strategy easier than ever

Simplify your daily tasks with BRIDGE: the all-in-one platform to efficiently manage your locations’ information and marketing campaigns. BRIDGE is interfaced with your IT systems, centralizes dashboards, and lets you delegate content management to different user levels.

Do you have over 10 locations? Discover the tailor-made digital solutions that meet all your needs

Gain visibility and monitor your locations' image on the web

Monitor your locations’ image directly from the BRIDGE platform: local pages, contact information, opening hours, photos, reviews, promotions. Your information is published on Google, Facebook, Apple, PagesJaunes, Mappy, Uber, and many more in just one click.

Make your locations more time efficient, let us find them new prospects!

We manage and harmonize custom marketing campaigns for all your locations, where the intention to purchase is the highest (PagesJaunes, Google, Bing). High-performing and flexible solutions: we are committed to bringing you results, and you can terminate the service whenever you want.

Make yourself heard, target the right people in the right place at the right time!

We target and deliver the right message to your prospects and clients right where they are, on their media of choice, when they are ready. Geolocation, predictive, affinity, multi-local targeting, social networks, you can trust us, we’ll capture you audience’s attention..

Buffalo Grill

Clément Nerguisian - Head of Product Lines and Strategy

Buffalo Grill has chosen Solocal’s “Local Impact” geolocalized advertising solution to promote the new menu for its 356 restaurants in France. This allowed us to inform web users working or living within 5 to 10 km of our locations about our new dishes, and to encourage them to come in an try them. We got an extremely competitive price per restaurant visit, making this campaign a high ROI operation, with rationalized costs for the campaign, and strong match targeting. “Local Impact” is a high-performing local advertising solution, letting brands reach their targets and generate traffic for the restaurant.


Frédéric Mouret - Head of the network

Autovision chose Solocal’s “Booster” solution to grow traffic in its 1,000 vehicle safety inspection locations in France. The “Booster” solution is perfectly suited for network brands, and it allowed us to reach qualified contacts thanks to an advertising campaign on Google. We significantly increased the number of appointments in our locations and grew our revenue. For us, it’s been a true business booster!”

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