Our culture and work environment

Supporting our employee’s career development and employability with a training framework based on 3 priorities: the development of digital skills, client culture, and management

  • Our Sales and Customer Relations Academy offers specific programs for sales staff (inside and outside sales), their managers, and customer relations associates. We also created an inside sales training program, with which trainees obtain a certificate that is recognized by the Professional Certification National Directory (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles).
  • Our company’s Digital Academy includes in person and e-learning modules, and also offers a certifying digital track allowing us to get all associates up to speed.
  • With the help of the Advertising Branch, we have implemented a PQC (Professional Qualification Certificate) for Web Designers, and one for Omni-Canal Production Managers

Fostering quality of life in the workplace

  • In 2016, the company created a comprehensive Quality of Life and Health in the Workplace (QLHW) improvement program. It created a dedicated unit within the HR department and rolled out QLHW measures formulated with the help of healthcare professionals: managers, HR, HSWCC (Hygiene Safety and Working Conditions Committee), social workers, medical staff, and outside mental health counselors.
  • About 300 of our employees have chosen to work remotely, which allows them to find a better work/life balance, while continuing to meet the company’s operational needs.
  • Our employees can take up to 5 days off for accrued seniority days or compensatory time, with an upper limit of 7 days, according to the terms set in the company agreement on Time Savings Accounts (TSA).
  • Each year we carry out an internal opinion survey to measure and improve employee satisfaction, and create new and improved action plans.

Encouraging diversity and equal opportunities

  • For us, professional equality between women and men is a key component of our development, and it is also one of our top priorities, just like improving women’s representation in certain sectors and in management positions. Women make up 52% of our permanent staff, 37.5% of our sales advisers, and 31% of our middle management, which is higher than the goals we set out for 2017.
  • We have made ambitious commitments to hire people with disabilities (2nd disabilities agreement signed in 2015), with a 5.7% employment rate in 2017, representing a 0.7% increase in one year. We have set two top priorities: integrating people with disabilities and keeping the employees with disabilities on staff.
  • We offer students doing work/study training programs and interns the opportunity to acquire experience and skills in a digital environment. Intergenerational knowledge transmission is one of our strong commitments (a recent graduate/senior staff agreement was signed to help older staff and support the integration of young talents).
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