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Boost your sales fast with your own online store !

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Showcase your products or services

We will develop an online store dedicated to your business, and which showcases your product offering. Boost your sales, even when you sleep !

Give your clients a smooth and secure purchasing experience, even on a mobile phone !

Computer, tablet, smartphone… Your online store will be accessible on all types of devices. And to make your clients feel safe, we’ll provide 100% secure payment solutions !

Be visible on the Internet !

For people to want to purchase your products, your online store needs to be highly visible on search engines. At Solocal, all of our websites are designed to appear in the best positions on Google and Bing, and enjoy sponsored link campaigns to boost views of your website and to get your sales going strong !

Let us guide you !

A dedicated webmaster will be by your side the whole time, from the design of your online store until it goes live, and will check in with you regularly to talk about your statistics and sales.

Our solutions

Essentiel website

  • Online store design
  • List up to 500 products
  • E-commerce features
  • Sponsored link campaign for your website launch: 300 clicks over 3 months
  • Support in updating your product list 

Starting at €80 /month

Premium website

  • Exclusive online store design
  • List up to 2,500 products
  • E-commerce features
  • Sponsored link campaign for your website launch: 600 clicks over 6 months
  • Monthly retargeting campaigns included
  • Support in updating your product list

Starting at €169/ month

Privilege website

  • Unique custom design created to best showcase your products
  • Unlimited product list
  • E-commerce features and sales events
  • Product indexation on search engines
  • A dedicated team for your e-commerce project
  • Customer loyalty tool included
  • Sponsored link campaign included: 1,200 clicks per year
  • Monthly retargeting campaigns included

Starting at €325 /month


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