Harvest Facebook’s potential to acquire or strengthen your brand image through video content

As part of the strategic partnership supporting the growth of French companies, Solocal and Facebook are joining forces to offer a range of advertising solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses at the local level.

An offer specifically designed for SMEs getting you the best of social networks while being 100% focused on local opportunities and performance

Starting at €1,100 for two video campaigns

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A guaranteed number of actual views, while remaining affordable

To ensure the quality and the impact of your advertising message, we guarantee a set number of over 10 second views per video on Facebook.
Your video advertisement will be truly impactful !

Impactful ads with motion design videos

You will get professional shots of your business to create the best possible motion design video advertisement.

Get views from everyone interested in your activity

Available on all screen types, the advertising campaigns are broadcasted in a clearly defined customer catchment area, to users who are relevant to your activity, and specifically targeted.

Our experts take care of everything

Our Facebook experts create and optimize your tailor-made advertising campaigns. They will support you year-round, with monthly and quarterly reviews, to make sure you reach the expected performance and visibility.

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