Booster Contact

Make sure people can see you, and attract relevant contacts year round

Every month, Internet users do millions of local searches on the main search engines like Google or Bing. No matter your business’ industry, Booster Contact lets you attract qualified contacts in your customer catchment area, all year round.

Starting at €90 /month

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A guaranteed number of contacts acquired

We commit to generating a set number of contacts with your ad! Every month, you will receive real contact requests: phone calls, requests for quotes, and in store visits, thanks to our Booster Contact ad campaigns.

A tailor-made ad campaign that fits your needs

We create and broadcast the advertising campaigns on Google and Bing, according to your objectives, your targets, your activity, and your customer catchment area. We will create a custom and optimized redirection page from the content of your initial website, to encourage people interested in your products and services to reach out.

A turn key solution

We’ll define your ad campaign’s objectives together, and our Google and Bing experts will create and optimize your advertisement to get you the number of contacts you want. Measure and follow your ad campaign’s statistics and the contacts generated by Booster Contact every month via your dedicated client interface.

Nos experts s'occupent de tout

Aucune compétence n'est requise, un expert vous accompagne à toutes les étapes !


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